About GES

Gaindakot English School (GES)

A School With a Difference

Gaindakot English School (GES) was established in 2006 A.D. (2062 B.S.) with the view of offering quality education to students of all levels from Pre-Nursery to Class 10. Located in Gaindakot, the mid part of Nepal, where we have a cosmopolitan population with people migrated from various parts of the country, GES gives students studying with us the opportunity to study and gain valuable knowledge embedded with various skills for life.

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  • Serene Aryal From an 11-year-old shy kid to a 16-year-old confident boy, my journey here has been incredible! GES has not only laid a strong foundation for my academics but also has provided me with extracurricular opportunities. I feel the school does an amazing job of staying up to date with the latest technologies and using them to make learning more fun and interactive for students. GES is truly a...
  • Jonisha Baniya I, Jonisha Baniya would like to express my sincere gratitude to GES for contributing towards my educational career. The whole team of GES had been always supportive and motivated every students to have positive attitude of go better actually which always pushed me to improve my knowledge and perception better than anywhere. They act more as mentors and motivators than teachers which help me...
  • Niharika Poudel Gaindakot English School - it's something more than just an institution, it's an emotion for those who behold. GES has provided me with a spectacular environment not only for learning and writing activities but also for Extracurricular activities which include lifelong learning skills and personality development programs. The journey begins with the teacher who believed me, tugged me,...