What people say about us

  • Karishma Acharya I am extremely proud to be the student of GES which built the foundation of knowledge in me. As soon as I passed SLC and joined college, I was scared if I had enough base to compete with friends from different parts of Nepal. I am pleased to say GES had helped me to build academic confidence. I wish GES all the best and have no hesitation to recommend you to join GES.
    Karishma Acharya, Ex-student, 2014
  • Sudip Khanal I am proud to be the part of Gaindakot English School (GES). Our school is run with the motto of creating an atmosphere where students will be able to achieve their full potential. We as a teacher got equipped with the modern technologies and a vision of the leadership in order to produce the competitive manpower in the cutting age of twenty first century. The school runs with the norm of following child friendly environment where every student's opinion is valued and counted. Students have got every opportunity to have their say and get involved in the activities of the school. I am glad to learn the fact that for a teacher every single day is different and we, along with the students learn new things everyday which adds up bricks in the symmetry of the building of our knowledge. I believe GES is the right and appropriate platform to meet my aspirations and fulfill my desire of continuous professional development. I would like to use this opportunity to thank GES for providing me the chance of being a part of GES.
    Sudip Khanal, Ex-Teacher, ECA Head

Gaindakot English School