Know more about us

Gaindakot English School (GES) was established in 2006 A.D. (2062 B.S.) with the view of offering quality education to students of all levels from Pre-Nursery to Class 10. Located in Gaindakot, the mid part of Nepal, where we have a cosmopolitan population with people migrated from various parts of the country, GES gives students studying with us the opportunity to study and gain valuable knowledge embedded with various skills for life.

At GES, we seek to create a safe, caring and nurturing environment both conducive and challenging for our students that encourage creativity and critical thinking through appropriate instruction. Our educational approaches cater for children with individual differences and learning styles.

GES has a strong commitment to impart value(s)-based education with a dedication to the development of the whole child. We ensure that our students have a deep understanding of their role in society as thinkers and leaders of change. In order to prepare our students for life in the 21st century, we endeavor to build intellectual minds capable of problem solving and tackling the challenges of rapidly growing development in the world.

We value the views of our students, parents and well-wishers and get them involved to enhance our school environment and foster learning. We welcome educators, guests to share and exchange good practices within our school and beyond as we strongly believe that we can learn from each other through communication and collaboration.


To develop our students as good human beings by nurturing them to be responsible global citizens


To help our children achieve their full potential


GES Values, Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Passion, Pride


We are committed to accomplishing our goals by showing mutual respect, love and co-operation in all levels


We strive to inculcate deep respect in GES community by embracing diversity and differences


We are committed to uphold highest standards of ethical practices which applies to all students, teachers and parents


We are devoted to changing children’s lives through compassion, empathy and dignity


We take pride in our abilities as a justifiable sense of celebration



Ten good reasons why you should make us your next school


  • The first Child-Friendly and Environment-Friendly school in the district

  • The first school to win the International School Award (ISA) in Nawalparasi and Chitwan districts

  • We gear up our teaching activities by engaging our learners in Project Based Learning (PBL) activities that promote creative and critical thinking skills

  • Our curriculum embeds International Dimension across various subject matters and topics

  • We build strong partnerships with schools around the world, thus encouraging students of international community for cultural exchange and skill refinement

  • We value parents’ opinions and constructive feedback

  • Our school encourages students and teachers to reduce, reuse and recycle papers and other wastes in and around school premises to ensure SDG -13 is achieved

  • We celebrate diversity by welcoming students from different backgrounds and culture

  • We have good health system in place to prioritize our students’ good health and well-being emphasising SDG – 3 as our main goal

  • Smart Board Technology is the cutting-edge of our teaching-learning activities

Gaindakot English School