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Published On: 8th Sep, 2019story

       The moon and star were watching the busy life of people living on earth as usual. The moon was very cheerful and started a conversation with the star. They had been talking for two hours when the star asked the moon about its mark. Moon’s ray became dim and face sad. The cheerful face of the moon vanished. He began to wander in his thought. Then he began to think about the disastrous night when he decided to visit the earth. “Ah! It is `so` crowded here” he exclaimed to himself after he reached a place called Bharatpur on earth. He had wanted to come down for so long. Now, finally he could actually touch the sea water which he thought was singing and felt the breeze that made the trees dance. He was extremely happy. Suddenly he fell into the water, where before few minutes he was admiring his own reflection. He was shocked, he didn’t know what to do.

This is one of the interesting collabortaive projects done by our students on Real Life Nepali Heroes with Nav Bharti Public School, New Delhi, India.

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