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Gaindakot English School (GES)

Located in Gaindakot, the mid part of Nepal, where we have a cosmopolitan population with people migrated from various parts of the country, GES gives students studying with us the opportunity to study and gain valuable knowledge embedded with various skills for life. GES is a forward-looking school that aims to combine academic rigour with a practical approach. Our laurels are towards achieving a world class quality education which will empower our students to perform well in an increasingly competitive job market. We are striving to develop strong skills, increased confidence and love of learning.

Established in 2062 B.S (2006 A.D) Gaindakot English School (GES) is a secondary level school which follows English as a medium of classroom instruction. We create an atmosphere and environment that is conducive to learning for the students with diverse backgrounds. GES has a strong commitment to impart value(s)-based education with dedication to the care and development of the whole child; we nurture the whole child.GES ensures that our students have a deep understanding of their role in society as thinkers and leaders of change. In order to prepare our students for life in the 21st century, we endeavour to build intellectual minds capable of problem solving and tackling the challenges of rapidly growing development in the world. We value the views of our students, parents and well-wishers and get them involved to enhance our school environment and foster learning.

Gaindakot English School